>> Duration:

 2 Days 1 Night


>> Itinerary:


Departing Time :

6:00 hrs

Day #1



Return Time:

22:00 hrs

Day #2


>> Participants:

2 - 12 Persons


>> Activities Included: <<

1. Visit to the Magic Town of Perote Veracruz and San Carlos Ancient Fortress

2. Rafting on Rainforest Rapids Rivers

3. Camp Fire Activity at Night

4. Rainforest Trekking Tour

5. Free Time for Lunch and Participate in Aditional Activities





1. Visit to the Magic Town of Perote Veracruz and San Carlos Ancient Fortress



Veracruz undoubtedly has a large number of tourist attractions, in addition of its impressive nature and ecotourism activities, we can find a lot of beautiful towns and historical sites, as the Spanish Since his arrival, it was the state where they built the first cities in the New Spain, thanks to this we can find great wealth in this state cultural and we can admire beautiful cities and magical towns such as Perote and Xalapa, places that we will have the opportunity to visit on the first day of our travel.




> On the way to Xalapa we will make a stop in Perote, a beautiful Magical Town at the foot of one of the most beautiful volcanoes and impressive that there is in Mexico; El Cofre de Perote, in this town we will take our breakfast, we will taste the seasoning of the region, & nbsp; we will visit your center historical and we will know the most relevant historical data of this Town Magical, we can also see the beautiful landscapes it offers and We will know the Fortress of San Carlos, a building from the 18th century, which was built by one of the Spanish Viceroys to protect New Spain from Englishmen.









2. Rafting on Rainforest Rapids River



Veracruz is a state with a very variable orography that goes from impressive volcanoes to immense valleys & nbsp; with a large number of climates and ecosystems, which gives us the training of ideal rivers to make the descent through the rivers, also known as Rafting, which consists of sliding on a raft through one of these rivers with a difficulty beginner, beginner - intermediate, in which We will live a fun and adrenaline-filled adventure admiring the landscapes offered by the Veracruz rain forest.



 >> The second day of our trip we will carry out the descent through the river of rapids in which we will board a raft and glide on an adventure incredible, full of emotion and adrenaline, where a guide will take us down the river and working as a team we will make the descent down the river and live a incredible adventure surrounded by nature.








3. Campfire Activity at Night



 >> We will set up the tents to spend the night and take the opportunity to build a campfire and enjoy the beautiful starry sky that it offers us this natural paradise, since there is no city near the caves We can practically find zero light pollution, which It will provide an opportunity to observe an impressively starry sky.







4. Rainforest Trekking



We will conduct a tour through the jungle that surrounds the rapids, where we can observe the beautiful landscapes surrounding the river as well as impressive canyons and biodiversity who lives in this place.


 Also surrounded by canyons and nature, the rapids rivers offer a unique opportunity to go hiking, canyoning and activities like rappelling, climbing walls, zip line, and tours for bird watching and wildlife.








4. Free Time for Lunch and Participate in Aditional Activities



We will have free time on rest of the day to enjoy the thermal pools in the reserve, enjoy the pools, swim in the river and / or do additional activities like zip line, rappel or temazcal.











Rafting And Aventure Veracruz Rapids Rivers



>> 2 Persons:

$4200 MXN p.p



>> 3 Persons:

$3800 MXN p.p


>> 4 - 12 Persons:

$3600 MXN p.p


Minors From 6 to 12 Aņos:

$3200 MXN p.p



Conservation Fees Are Per Person And Includes The Following:


 >>> Transportation - CDMX - Perote - Rapids Rainforest - CDMX

>> Visit to the Magical Town of Perote

>> Entrance and Guided Visit to the Fortress of San Carlos

>> Rapid River Descent Activity

>> Overnight stay in a room / cabin in the jungle

>> Campfire Activity at Night

>> Jungle Tour

>> Free time to carry out additional activities




The Package Includes 2 Breakfasts:

>> Breakfast # 1 - First Day in the Magic Town of Perote Veracruz

>> Breakfast # 2 Second Day in Jalcomulco Veracruz


Breakfast Includes Various Options to Choose:
Eggs to taste, Chilaquiles, Mexican Antojitos, etc and a Drink to Choose

Lunch / Dinner:

Because all participants have different tastes and / or needs for lunch and dinner, these are not included in the package, however, we can recommend various places to eat and / or dinner according to your needs / budget ..





>> Lodging Included:



The lodging is carried out in a camping that has small rustic cabins, austere and comfortable with all the services, likewise the camp has a swimming pool, temazcal and a lot of nature.

The type of cabin or safari type tent that will be assigned per person will depend on the number of participants and their availability, however they all have the same characteristics mentioned above.

Rustic Cabins









Departing Point:



>> Mexico City Airport Terminal #1


>> Auditorio Nacional

(National Auditorum)

Departing Hour:

5:45 AM




Conservation fees help us to continue with our conservation and environmental education programs