>> Duration:

 12 Hours

>> Itinerary:


6:00hrs - 18:00hrs

>> Participants:

2 - 8 Persons #


>> Activities Included: <<


1. Archeologic Expedicion to Xochicalco Ruins


2. Visit to Tepoztlan and Regional Food Market


3. Visit to the "Ex-Convento de la Natividad" Old Church & Prehispanic Art Museum






1. Visit to Xochicalco Archeological Zone



Xochicalco is probably the archaeological zone of the most important classical period near the City of Mexico after Teotihuacan, since it was built around 650 AD, in the which we can find incredible pyramids, architectural structures, and engravings from this period, some even in better condition than his own Teotihuacan, which will allow us to know the aspects of the culture that I inhabit in this place hundreds of years ago that having the descendants of Teotihuacan, became the most important city in the Valley of Mexico and its surroundings from the end of the classical period.



>> We will visit the area Archaeological site of Xochicalco with a specialized guide that will take us through the ruins to know the most relevant structures and their history, as well as of the culture that lived in them hundreds of years ago, during this tour, In addition to learning about this and other cultures, we will be able to go to structures and observe the beautiful landscapes of tropical jungle that surround it and if we are lucky we will be able to observe some birds and wildlife that lives in its surroundings.







2. Visit to Tepoztlan and Lunch on its Regional Market



Tepoztln is a Magical Town located in the State of Morelos at the foot of the Tepozteco one of the most emblematic of Mexico, this mountain is known for being the birthplace of Quetzalcatl, the Aztec god represented by the feathered serpent.


Tepoztlan is also known for its exquisite typical regional food, its artesian market, its Museum of Pre-Hispanic Art & nbsp; and an Ex-Convent dating from the XV century, one of the most ancient in Mexico declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


If you want to have the experience to visit a typical Mexican town, enjoy a day in nature, try the typical food of the region and spend an unforgettable day, without a doubt Tepoztlan is a destination that you must know.



>> We will know the Town Magico de Tepoztlan and we will have our breakfast in the regional market, where we will be able to find a great variety of typical food of the region and walk to through the streets of this amazing place.






3. Visit to the "Ex-Convento de la Natividad" Old Church & Prehispanic Art Museum



The Ex-Convent of the Natividad was built by the indigenous Tepoztecos on the orders of Dominican friars between the years 1530 and 1540, in order to dedicate it to the Virgin of the Nativity, which is why it is known as the Nativity Museum.


In 1993, the National Institute of Anthropology and History developed a restoration and It has currently been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, at the be one of the first churches built by the Spanish to conquer in America, likewise the convent has the Museum of Pre-Hispanic Art where we will have the opportunity to know various works of art and crafts prehispanic originating from Tepoztlan before the conquest.



> We will carry out a tour of the Ex-Convent of the Nativity to be able to admire the beautiful architecture of this place and visit the Art Museum Pre-Hispanic through a guided tour.










Archeologic Expedition to Xochicalco & Tepoztlan



>> 2 Persons:

$1500 MXN p.p



>> 3 Persons:

$1300 MXN p.p


>> 4 - 12 Persons:

$1100 MXN p.p


Minors From 6 to 12 Aos:

$950 MXN p.p



Conservation Fees are Per Person and Includes the Following:


 >>> Transportation - CDMX - Xochicalco - Tepoztlan - CDMX


>> Entrance and Guided Visit to Xochicalco Archeological Zone

>> Entrance and Tour of the Ex-Convent of the Nativity

>> Entrance and Tour of the Museum of Pre-Hispanic Art

>> Free Time to Tour the Magical Town and Buy Crafts

>> Full Breakfast

Various Options to Choose from Regional Food or Eggs to Taste and a Drink to Chooser




Departing Points:



>> Auditorio Nacional

(National Auditorum)


>> Centro Comercial Perisur

(Perisur Mall)


Departing Time:

6:00 AM




Transportation From Your Hotel / Hostal / Airb&b to the Departing Point:


We have the option to send you an Uber to the place where you are staying with a 25% of discount hiring any tour, please mention this when you make your booking.





Conservation fees help us to continue with our conservation and environmental education programs